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About Kids Of Macarthur

Health Foundation

What We Do

Launched in the year 2000, Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation is Macarthur’s premier children’s charity. Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation aims to purchase the most technological paediatric medical equipment available to enhance the level of health care offered locally.

Equipment is purchased for the eight paediatric units in Campbelltown and Camden hospitals (Children’s Unit, Paediatric Ambulatory Care, Paediatric Emergency, Paediatric Allied Health, Special Care Nursery and Child and Adolescent Mental Health plus Maternity, Delivery and Post Natal Units) as well as supporting many children’s community health programs.

Our Vision

The Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation is dedicated to improving health care provision for every child living in our region. To do this the Foundation aims to raise, stimulate and advocate for funding of children and adolescent health services and research delivered within the boundaries of the Macarthur region and engaging the Macarthur community (including government, corporations, organizations, residents and businesses) in supporting these priorities.

The Foundation

Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation is a local children’s health charity established to raise funds to purchase paediatric medical equipment to enhance the level of health care offered to local children being treated at Campbelltown and Camden hospitals. Funds also support numerous children’s community health programs. Research is also being conducted to establish preventative programs for children’s health issues specific to Macarthur.


All equipment purchased and programs supported are in addition to government expenditure. In many instances equipment purchased by Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation eliminates the need for parents to transport their sick child outside of the region to receive specialist health care.


By creating opportunities to enhance the quality of life for children in Macarthur, we believe, we are building a brighter future for everyone. Events and activities are hosted by Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation throughout the year as well as local organizations running their own fundraising events with proceeds being donated to support our work.

There is a variety of ways to assist the Foundation in its work – by participating in any of its events or by donation of time or money. Thank you for helping us change and improve the lives of some very special Macarthur residents – our children!


Meet the Kids of Macarthur Foundation CEO

Denise McGrath

Our CEO, Denise McGrath is the driving force behind Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation. Denise and the team devote their time and skills to ensuring that the foundation runs smoothly and has the ability to continue contributing to the improvement of health services for our local children.

Our Founding Sponsors

Please visit and support our founding sponsors.

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